Amy’s House

The Lincoln County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (LCCADV) was organized in 1993 by citizens who were concerned about domestic violence issues.  It is a 501(c) (3) non-profit. On January 9, 1995, our shelter, affectionately named Amy’s House after the local woman who inspired LCCADV into action, officially opened in a four-room former mill house, offering shelter, support, services and assistance for 7-8 people.  It was a safe haven for families displaced by violence and a transitional step until they could recover, heal, empower and make plans for their future.  

With generous support from the Timken Foundation and others, the Shelter has expanded twice, with room now for almost twenty women and children, but are entering a phase where more space is needed to house survivors and provide the services we offer.

The Coalition provides many support services to in-shelter and out-of-shelter clients in addition to safe shelter and food, but the core of the emergency service is Amy’s House. Housing can be provided for a few days or up to 90 days when needed to assist survivors to prepare for and make the next move to a violence-free home for themselves and their children.  One resident in 2014, said “this is a house of hope, love and peace…coming here has changed my life completely.”  

Our DV advocates are committed to making a difference in the lives of survivors and their families in our community.  Programs include: court and legal assistance, counseling, support groups, parenting classes, job readiness program, budgeting workshops, job referrals, housing referrals, transportation, as well as any other client needs that will help them provide a safe environment for their families.

Our goal for success is to make our services available 24/7 to victimized residents of Lincoln County.

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The Lincoln County Coalition Against Domestic Violence would like to thank our grantors for their support of our work to address domestic violence in our community: